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The SiTT Community is not just about coming together to practice..... it is more about becoming aware of togetherness through practice
Light in the Sky
Mission Statement

To build a peer led community of mindfulness teachers, trainers, trainees and assessors in support of integrity and good practice in the field of mindfulness teaching and training.


SiTT recognises the value of community and peer support in the field of mindfulness teaching and training. Connection with other teachers is invaluable in long term commitment to personal practice and authentic teaching. Peer reflection presents a unique opportunity to learn about oneself by listening to and learning about another. Peer support offers reciprocal benefits and can therefore lower the financial commitment of CPD. This saving can transfer to lower course costs for the general-public making mindfulness more accessible across social economic boundaries. SiTT Community membership can demonstrate ongoing commitment, continued development and adherence to good practice.

Blade of Grass
  • To facilitate a network of peer reflection groups among mindfulness teachers, trainers, trainees and assessors.

  • To facilitate peer led support for personal mindfulness practice among mindfulness teachers, trainers, trainees and assessors.

  • To build local communities of mindfulness teachers.

  • To support and demonstrate adherence to good practice guidelines among members.

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