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SiTT Community

Support for integrity in Teaching and Training

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Online SiTT Together 

Next SiTT Together to be announced soon

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Why come to a SiTT Group?

By coming along to a SiTT Group you become part of a local community of mindfulness teachers, trainees, trainers and assessors who adhere to UK good practice guidelines. The group come together monthly to sit, reflect on teaching and personal practice, and to offer kindness, support and inspiration to one another as we continue on our journey of personal and professional development. You will also become part of the wider SiTT community, a broader network of resource and support for integrity.

Make a donation

SiTT is entirely self funded and its activities are only made possible through voluntary support. Your donation will be used to help cover the costs of running SiTT (e.g. domain name, website hosting fees, zoom account etc). We are grateful for your contribution. 

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