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Galen Hung

Taiwan SiTT Co-Coordinator

Galen Hung (MD, ScM) is the Chief Psychiatrist at Blossom Clinic of Psychosomatic Medicine. He graduated from Harvard School of Public Health, and is currently an assistant professor with National Yang Ming University, School of medicine. Dr. Hung is a certified MBCT teacher through The University of California, San Diego Center of Mindfulness.

He has extensive experiences teaching MBCT for patients with depressive disorder. His private practice is specializing in the use of mindfulness-based psychotherapy.

Dr. Hung has led numerous MBCT workshops for health professionals, along with providing consultation and mentorship on MBCT. His research focuses on combining MBCT with novel treatment modalities such as therapeutic apps and non-invasive brain stimulation.

Galen helps Debbie coordinate the Taiwan SiTT group.

Galen Hung
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